The HM Customs Gibraltar’ ICIS (Integrated Customs Information System) Cargo Manifest is designed to cover all modes of transport: air, sea and road transport documents.
Please click on the following link to view detailed information regarding e-Manifest main features.

Air Transport

ICIS e-Manifest allows the airline companies to provide electronic pre-arrival information in a timely manner. The e-Manifest enables
- the airline companies to automatically integrate into ICIS their electronic BOLs (Bill of Ladings)
- to agents to submit and follow-up the manifests and related BOLs.
- to Customs to process and discharge manifest and related BOLs.

Road Transport/Combined Transport

ICIS provides the carrier with the facility for capturing, processing and exchanging of consignment note data, ensuring an efficient movement of goods by road (including combined transport).

Fast Cargo Integration

Any carrier that has its own application or system to process a manifest will not be required to key in again all the information, they will only need to extract and transform the information into an XML message.

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