The HM Customs Gibraltar ICIS (Integrated Customs Information System), based on the ASYCUDA system developed by UNCTAD, provides the economic operators with all required forms in electronic format

  • Administrative Notice No. 1 Click here
  • Export Licence - Application for Export Licence Click here
  • Personal Declaration - Form to be filled prior to arrival at Gibraltar HM Customs Land Frontier Click here
  • Cash Declaration Form for Monetary instruments above 10,000 EUR - (or equivalent in total) Click here For additional information Click here
  • Coronavirus declaration Click here
  • Business Registration Form Click here
  • Vehicle importations - Frequently asked questions Click here
  • How to - Change login password in ASYCUDAWorld Click here
  • How to - Fill in a customs declaration in ASYCUDAWorld Click here
  • How to - Access in ASYCUDAWorld your prepayment account and export your account summary Click here
  • How to - Declare in ASYCUDA containerized consignment (Video) Click here
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