Interagency Business Processes

HM Customs Gibraltar’ ICIS (Integrated Customs Information System) functional and technical platform, based on the ASYCUDA system developed by UNCTAD, allows
- easy integration of the operations of other administrations and/or regulatory bodies involved in export/import procedures
- handling of results of common controls, risk-analysis, operations and feedback
- sharing of information between all authorities and agencies involved in the movement of goods, in a fully secure/confidential environment

Integrated Customs Information System (ICIS)

ICIS is an integrated eCustoms system, based on ASYCUDA. All ICIS e-documents (e.g. cargo manifest, passenger declarations, transit declarations, import declarations, export declarations, licenses, authorisations, certificates etc, as well as their reference data) are integrated with each other.

Single Electronic Access Point

ICIS is a transactional system that allows a trader to lodge electronically his customs declarations, including applications for certificates, licenses and/or authorizations, as applicable, via one single interface. This data are then automatically made available to any official responsible for the place at which goods have been, or are to be, presented.

Integrated, Multi-agency Risk Management

ICIS allows not only HM Customs Gibraltar to set up its own selectivity/risk-management/profiling parameters but it also provides other control agencies (e.g. health, food & veterinary, environment etc) with a secure/confidential environment to set up their own specific selectivity/risk-management criteria. The comprehensive Customs & other agencies risk-management system can be applied automatically to all Customs operations.

Automatic Processing

ICIS allows the use of barcodes not only for the codification/identification of Customs documents but equally for the automatic processing of Customs transactions (e.g. automatic confirmation of arrival at destination, automatic discharge, automatic confirmation of exit etc).

Paperless Environment

ICIS allows authorised users to integrate into a Customs declaration supporting (attached) documents in an electronic format (scanned, image etc).

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