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This service allows users to submit electronic pre-arrival information, e.g. vessel pre-arrival notifications etc.
This service allows applying for new ICIS users' accounts. It is, in principle reserved to top managers (or their representatives) in companies using/interested to use ICIS (Integrated Customs Information System) or persons in charge of submitting Vessel Pre-arrival Notifications. Other categories of personnel could also submit applications that will be subsequently submitted for validation to the company's top managers.
This service allows the users of the ASYCUDAWorld Portal to check the status of their Customs documents.
ASYCUDA Web services are application programming interfaces (API) that are accessed via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and executed on the remote system hosting the requested services. ASYCUDA Web services are big Web Services (as opposed to RESTful Web services) that expose a machine-readable description of the operations offered by the service via the Web Services Description Language (WSDL). Subsequently they are able to communicate with their clients via a protocol specification for exchanging structured information called Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).
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