Online training

- The following electronic training materials can be freely downloaded by economic operators


- ASYCUDAWorld minimal system requirements

- Install Java JRE client and customize installation

- Changing your password on the ASYCUDAWorld System

- Login and Logout on/from the ASYCUDAWorld System

- Fill in a customs declaration in ASYCUDA

- Access your prepayment account in ASYCUDA and export your account summary

- Vehicle importations - Frequently asked questions

Video Tutorials

- Declare in ASYCUDA containerized consignment (Video)

- The following electronic courses are available only for authorised users (requires connection)


HM Customs Gibraltar is organising consultations, seminars, workshops and training sessions for the relevant stakeholders aiming at raising the public awareness of the new role of the Customs Department.
Awareness sessions are also organised for the general public.
- Calendar of training sessions
  Business community
  Customs officers

If you have any questions please contact our training section on Email: hmcustoms.training@hmcustoms.gov.gi

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