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What may I bring with me to Gibraltar?

Tourists may enter Gibraltar either on foot or using their personal vehicle or hire car, with luggage and other personal items as may be reasonably required for their stay. If in doubt, please use the Red Channel at your Entry Point, where a Customs Officer will promptly attend to you. Commercial Travellers (such as Sales Representatives) may enter Gibraltar either on foot or using their personal vehicle or hire car, with luggage and other personal items as may be reasonably required for their stay. Their trade related items, however, must be declared on entry and on exportation to HM Customs Gibraltar and must be covered by a recognised transit document. All travellers should be aware that Gibraltar has a no-tolerance policy regarding illegal drug traffic, offensive materials and weapons. If in doubt, please enquire at any Customs Station PRIOR to importation.

Entering Gibraltar By Sea

All Yachts and Commercial vessels coming alongside at Gibraltar require clearance from by Port, Customs and Immigration, usually handled by the vessel's Agents. For vessels not requiring Agents, particularly Yachts calling at Gibraltar's Marinas, clearance is handled by the marina operator on behalf of the Official bodies. Any cargo or other items intended for Gibraltar must be declared on arrival. However, all the above official bodies reserve the right to verify vessels' declarations on-site.

Importation of items by Post

Goods may be imported by post in accordance with Royal Gibraltar Post Office requirements. Please note that Import Duty may be payable and Customs restrictions may apply on certain classes of goods. Link to the Royal Gibraltar Post Office Website

Export of Personal items or Duty Free Goods from Gibraltar

Personal Duty Free goods may be freely exported from Gibraltar. However, please note that you may be required to declare and/or pay duties and taxes at your destination and other countries that you may pass through.

Can I import goods for my Yacht at Gibraltar?

All goods for non-Gibraltar registered vessels must be imported via a Customs clearing Agent or Ship's Chandlers to qualify for duty-free status. Goods for Gibraltar Registered vessels weighing less than 500 Tons attract duty, even if the owners are non-resident.

What if I decide to stay?

Should you decide to remain in Gibraltar for a longer stay, please remember that any goods or services procured outside Gibraltar may attract import duty. Please declare any goods to a Customs Officer on entry or use the Red Channel at your point of Entry. Aggregate stays of more than six months in a Calendar Year may involve registration as a resident of Gibraltar, with implications for your Civil Status, Import Duty privileges, Taxation and Employment rights.

What if I need more information?

HM Customs Gibraltar would be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Please use the following contact details as per your requirements:
For Commercial Importations (Office Hours)
The Entry Processing Unit, British Lines Road, Gibraltar.
Tel: 00350 20046723
Customs Stations (24 Hour Service)
At the Port: Outfield Station, British Lines Road, Tel: 00350 20046731
At the Border: HMC Four Corners, British Lines Road, Tel 00350 20046729

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