Main Benefits for the Business Community

The HM Customs Gibraltar ICIS (Integrated Customs Information System), based on the ASYCUDA system developed by UNCTAD, provides the economic operators with a series of major benefits, summarised below.

Trader access (Single Electronic Access Point)

ICIS allows a trader to lodge electronically (in a transactional environment) his customs declarations, including applications for certificates, licenses and/or authorizations, as applicable, via one single interface. This data are then automatically made available to any government official responsible for the place at which goods have been, or are to be, presented.

User friendliness & accessibility

ICIS e-documents provide the traders with user-friendly ergonomic interfaces, in WYSIWYG (what You See Is What You Get) approach.

Electronic supporting documents (paperless system)

ICIS allows a trader to integrate into a Customs declaration supporting (attached) documents in an electronic format (scanned, image etc).

Re-use of data

ICIS provides the traders the facility to re-use data (e.g. generate a new SAD from a previous SAD etc).

Interface & cross-check with Integrated Tariff & Reference Database

Through the ICIS Integrated Tariff Management System (ITMS) the traders have access to comprehensive information concerning the legal requirements needed to process a transaction: identification of the kind of goods, applicable duties & taxes, documents required to process the transactions (such as licenses, permits, certificates etc). The traders are provided with a series of standardised codes required to fill-in the respective documents. All above are updated by HM Customs Gibraltar headquarters.

Document integration

ICIS provides the facility to automatically cross-check and write-off a previous document (e.g. SAD - SAD, SAD - Manifest, SAD- Licence/Authorisation etc)

Online monitoring & automatic notification

In the context of the above, ICIS allows the traders to monitor online the status of their declarations. In addition, they can be automatically notified (via SMS or e-mail) about the status of their operations.

ICIS availability 24/7/365

No additional costs for operations

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